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Place your order! We are back in the pipe tobacco biz!

We cannot ship our pipe tobacco today.

For the time being while we appeal this unjust imposition of regulations we will have to curtail our shipments of our fine blends.

The Federal government has given us orders to curtail doing the business in the manner that we had been doing it since 1978.

What is happening to our tobacco business is the beginning of the end for all retail tobacco stores and the shipping of pipe tobacco through the mail. What up until now was a legal sale of a legal product through Interstate commerce can no longer be completed legally.

Other merchandise is available for order. Pipe tobacco orders will not be shipped at this time, if you would like to place a tobacco order now, we will contact you prior to shipping if and when we can ship again. These orders will help us in our arguements.

Please check back here for more information on this matter soon.

Thank You
The Gatlinburlier

stablished in 1978, The Gatlinburlier is a premier retail tobacco shop, nestled in the resort town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee surrounded on three sides by the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Please feel welcome to stop in when you visit the National Park or any of the other area attractions.

The Gatlinburlier Pipe Cam
Check out pipes that are on the wall at our retail shop!
The Gatlinburlier 30th Anniversary Book of Knowledge & Learning
By Dr. Ira T. Lapides, PhD
With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Lapides has compiled an excellent reference on all things tobacco. The book acts as a guide for novices as well as providing professional insight into the business and politics of the tobacco industry. 150 pages / Softcover

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Meanwhile, here for your electronic perusal is our latest offering of pipes, tobaccos, and accessories for the smoker and chewer alike. If you find something you like, you can order in a variety of ways ~ phone, 24 hour fax, or right here at this site with our safe, secure online ordering system.

We're the tobacco store at your front door.

95% of our orders are shipped the day they are received.

Area information for Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville and the Great Smoky Mountains.   Make it a perfect day and enjoy a meal at one of our Gatlinburg restaurants.
  • You MUST be at least 18 years of age to purchase tobacco products in Tennessee!
  • We do not sell tobacco products in Maine or Arizona.
  • All Packages are shipped US Post Office unless you specify UPS.
  • All Customers will be Charged for Shipping & Return Postage on any Refused or Returned package(s).
  • International Customers: You are to check with your local customs & duty officials to see if there are additional duties or fees required, or if there are prohibitions on tobacco or amounts of tobacco which can be shipped to your country.
  • Charge card customers may order by calling
  • To check on an order call 865-436-4412, 9am-3pm Eastern Time Monday-Friday.
  • Visit our showroom on D-Level of the Mountain Mall, on the corner of Parkway and River Road in Gatlinburg!
  • We are open 7 days a week.
  • Prices subject to change without prior notice.
  • No Cash Refunds. Merchandise credit ONLY on returns.
  • We DO NOT ship cigarettes.
The Gatlin-Burlier
603 Skyline Dr.
Gatlinburg, TN 37738
24hr Fax: 1-865-430-7476

© 2009 Gatlinburlier, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Temporary Removal of Smokeless Tobacco from our Internet Site

"Fair" is a way to describe a day's weather when it is just about perfect. "Fair" is a place where my wife brings her homemade pies and jams to be judged in competition with the products of her baking and canning cohorts. "Fair" is not what the United States Government is when deciding selectively who to prosecute and persecute under which laws it decides to enforce. The word "fair" is not what can be used to describe the Federal decision to not make the point that Federal Law supercedes State Law in the cases where States have made recreational marijuana use legal, contrasted with the life-time ban from the tobacco business for showing to underage individuals anything resembling advertising for smokeless tobacco on the Internet. The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (Tobacco Control Act) (Public Law 26 111-31/; 123 Stat. 1776) began its life as a measure against cigarettes, and anyone who has followed the Gatlinburlier for the 35 years we have been in business, knows we are opposed to smoking trash American chemical - filled cigarettes. As with any unregulated regulator, one great idea (based neither upon real science, or law) began to develop the notion that all tobacco that youth might try be should be controlled, so all forms of smokeless tobacco were then tossed into later renditions of the law's regulations.

The beginning small steps in regulation were to first eliminate flavored cigarettes since they must by definition be designed to entice children. The Gatlinburlier does not sell to children and can only express regret to those who were customers who liked what was once a legal product now regulated out of legality without benefit of judicial hearing or framing via constitutional law making. Even though we never could ship cigarettes though the mail, flavored cigarettes were once a legal product to be enjoyed by those of legal age who visited our store. Worse yet, their policies discriminate against poor Afro-American children since the FDA exempted Menthol from its list of banned flavors. Given that over 70% of the Black cigarette smoking population smoke menthol cigarettes, it is apparent that these children's lives matter less to the FDA.

For the life of me I can't understand why they don't make orange juice and tomato juice illegal, as it is apparent that both are designed to entice children to become alcoholics. Both of these juices are clearly gateway beverages which will lead to a life of addiction and devastation. Both of them even lead to drinking in the morning since they mix well with Vodka or PGA.

Later came the propagation of more regulations about setting standards for packaging with ludicrous package real-estate requirements for warning labels on each individual package. Than came the prohibitions on advertising, where even using the same color patterns in advertising for festivals and other public events that might in any way copy or be reminiscent of any famous brand's use of similar colors was banned. The brand names had to come off spittoons and it was Good BYE to Red & White as a paint job choice for a racecar since it might encourage cigarette smoking among the under-aged. Even though it is the responsibility of Government to protect and propagate Interstate Trade, it is itself in violation of those protections in its restrictions regarding the shipping of smokeless tobacco. Without our having an extremely strong regimen against allowing children to purchase or even be exposed to smokeless tobacco products, we would be in violation of the advertising law by our not preventing their seeing the product. We are going to have to require the submission of a valid driver's license as identification along with a sworn statement that you are 18 years of age (1) before you will get a password that will allow you into our site where we advertise smokeless tobacco. For those who have already sent us age validation we will be issuing passwords as soon as we are ready to repost our smokeless tobacco products to our age restricted venue. By going through the age verification system you will have taken the appropriate first steps required before becoming eligible to receive shipments though any US Carrier Service.

Before reposting our smokeless products in an age restricted area on our Internet site we have several changes that need be made to our system which may take some time so that we will comply with all of the regulations regarding the shipment of smokeless tobacco. APO & FPO orders will still need to supply proof of age to be able to order and they still can be shipped using the USPO.

(1) Residents of States which require an individual be 19 years old for tobacco use will not be issued passwords for this restricted area unless they are of legal age in their respective states.
(2) Shipment can not be made to the states of Arizona or Maine.

Check back at the end of September to get the launch date of our new Smokeless Section.