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Hunger striker defends his right to air his views

"Give me liberty or give me death." "I don't necessarily agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." So much for Great American Quotes if Doctors (NAMES DELETED) and Marci ran the country. They would like to rewrite history to read, "If Marci doesn't agree with what you are saying, then even if it takes your death, we will prevent you from saying it."

During this period of social protest I have had the pleasure of talking with other Great Americans like the good doctors and Marci. I have even had the pleasure of talking to some who had the audacity to publicly wish me death, merely because I would like to see both sides of an issue debated.

The fact that my story has been suppressed by some in the media has only convinced me that I was right to stage this protest to prove how undemocratic America has become in regard to this issue.

The way in which the data on smoking have been collected leads to the conclusion in the public's mind that smoking is the cause of all social health ills. Yet while smoking has decreased the amount of lung cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer has skyrocketed. Rather than advising the public about the real dangers that they face from their environmental and personal life styles, as well as their own eating habits, it has become easy for the medical profession to focus upon one issue, smoking, to conceal its ignorance on other real causes for the increases in illness.

Given that there are many more cases of oral cancer than can be attributed to smoking and tobacco and an ever-increasing rate of cancers among non smokers, I am perplexed by the statistical antics that continuously lead the medical profession back to the conclusion that smoking is the cause of all ills. The real cost of this ignorant view point is that the causes of these increasing diseases will be left undiscovered and the attempts at prevention will be wasted as the medical profession contents itself to look at only this one risk factor.

The dietary and genetic factors of disease, as well as an understanding of the environmental factors will someday eventually become more important after tobacco and smoking are gone, yet the rate of cancer cases still continues to grow. Still I can imagine even a hundred years after the last tad of tobacco has been consumed that there will be some who will be attributing the growth in disease to the fact that an ancestor of patients once knew someone who had used tobacco.

The ban on free speech and advertising has impeded the flow of correct information about smoking and tobacco. The restrictions on advertising and speech have deprived America of any real knowledge about the product that they consume. As in all consumables there are good products and less good products. Because of the one-sided debate, facts such as the one on page 92 of Public Health Service publication no. 1103 (The Surgeon General's Report) which states, "Pipe smokers who inhale live just as long as nonsmokers. Pipe smokers who don't inhale live longer than nonsmokers," are lost as are the reasons why. In truth, many products consumed by smokers are not made from pure leaf tobacco in that they may contain reconstituted sheet tobacco and other fillers.

Since my store opened in 1978 it has aided over 18,000 individuals quit smoking cigarettes and helped 9,000 quit smoking all toPOSTher. The package of our pure tobacco cigarettes that my company produced for 10 years advised individuals of the contents of other brands and advised people to stop smoking if they could. For the record I, myself, am a non-smoker and non-drinker and have for many years championed attempts to bring more truth about product contents to the public.

In the letters which spoke against my right to speak there seemed to be then implication that if it were an issue, other than tobacco, it would be all right for me to express my views. Evidently, the lack of objection to the various guests of the Donahue Show and other talk shows would constitute an acknowledgment by my detractors that these guests have a right to a forum at the national podium. From these two statements I feel that it might be safe to assume that Marci and the good doctors would, excluding my right to speak, fight to the death to defend the rights of the American Nazi Party, the Skinheads, The Klu Klux Klan and all manner of societal and sexual deviants regularly given voice by these shows.

Ira T. Lapides

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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


As with any avalanche of lemons into one's life, survivors attempt to make lemonade and so it is with the Gatlinburlier Tobacconist. G&B Tobaccos new licensing and stature as a Tobacco Manufacturer now presents many opportunities for our loyal long-time customers. Not only does this new status make the Gatlinburlier the only truly legal tobacco retailer in the country, but it opens opportunities for us to expand our lines, since our access to specialty tobaccos has been vastly expanded. We plan to offer special deals on our new products as we produce new blends and attempt to improve some of our existing blends.

Tobacco being a natural product varies in characteristics year to year. It takes constant adjusting to keep blends consistent in taste, color, and burning qualities. In many cases blenders keep several years worth of tobaccos on hand so as to phase out one years product while phasing in another years crop to minimize the changes in the qualities of the blends. Over the 37 years that we have blended tobaccos some of our suppliers have left the business and other tobacco components have changed so much that we think we need to make adjustments to a few of our blends.

Gatlin-Burley our Americanized English once contained a very special Green River Valley tobacco which became unavailable. Given our new contacts within the industry we now have access to this rare tobacco, and have re blended this great blend, with just a touch of Latakia to meet its original qualities.

Gatlin-Burley was a blend created to keep the smoker's interest and encourage the maturation of the smoker's own tastes. Thirty-seven years ago it was our flag ship. It was an Americanized English that seemed to change taste as the smoker's pallet change over the course of one day and over the course of many weeks.

As a special short term offer we will send you a two ounce bag of this fabulous rebirth of greatness for only $5.95.

This extraordinary blend mixes fabulously with our Cades Cove Cavendish and our Chimney Smoke to make it even more tame for the American taste. For those looking to find a slightly more mature taste than is offered by our "natural aromatics" - Gatlin-Burley is the tobacco blend they are seeking, but "Made Even Better®".

2oz for only $5.95